I’m Lora, a thirty-something Mom of 2 that likes to write books.

There. That pretty much sums me up.

Oh. More?

Okay. Um… I wrote a book called TALK TO ME (Adult Romance), and I just finished the first book in my YA series THE STOLEN GIRL (Contemporary Young Adult).

Enough? No?! Geez.

I read a lot, obviously, and I love audiobooks. My friends don’t understand why I won’t read “grown up” books, why my bookshelves are filled with YA titles, but that’s what I love.

I started writing a few years ago simply to get the voices out of my head. Okay, that sounds nuts, but these characters/stories were taking up too much headspace. I had to get them outta there.

Currently, I’m being held against my will in a small southern town. My husband’s job transferred us here, and it’s not my scene at all. To put in in perspective, between my two novels I’ve written about 200,000 words. 0 of them were written inside a Starbucks. Get what I’m saying?

When I’m not henpecking at my laptop, my daughters keep me on my toes. Like right now. Bye!

Rep’d by Stacey Donaghy of Donaghy Literary Group


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